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Custom Sportswear & Optical Shooting Vest Ordering

Instructions For Selecting A Shooting Vest

Welcome to our vest ordering page. We would like to note that we are not currently set up to receive credit card orders online
nor through fax. However, you can use the following order form to transmit most of your information to us via e-mail. We
would then get in contact with you or hear from you to complete the transaction. We do business this way because, since we
are a maker of custom and customized shooting apparel, we like to make contact with our customers over the phone to make
sure we add the proper personalized touches like embroidery, correctly. We want to ensure that you are very pleased with the
final, custom shooting vest. So, after you fill out the order form below, please give us a call at 1(800) 745-6066. Or we will try
to reach you by phone. In either case, you will be assured that your vest is exactly what you expect, and you'll be assured that
if your remittance is by credit card, it is handled with better security and privacy (by dedicated voice phone call) than many
browsers provide today. Note: prices subject to change without notice; we make every effort to keep our website current, although
there can be some delay in updating the prices found below.

Instructions For Ordering Colors

When selecting a color, please select the one on the form whose name corresponds to one of the ones in the group of swatches below.

We also have other colors available by special request. Please ask for their availability when you are confirming your order by phone.

Note: more vibrant colors are available in mesh-lined Ultrex® material! One of our newest products, the mesh-lined Ultrex® or
Goretex® vest is lightweight, form-fitting, comfortable and is extremely durable. Ask us about this special option when contacting
us about your order, or otherwise if you just want to give us a call and discuss how our products can meet your needs!

Selecting Trim Style & Color

There are two styles of trim on the pockets: straight trim and western-style trim:

Please select the style you wish for all the vest pockets. Also, there are various colors of ultrasuede trim, and black leather trim.
Please select the color of ultrasuede that you wish to appear on your vest. For example, a red vest with grey ultrasuede trim is a
very nice combination.

Ordering Embroidery

When selecting embroidery, all of our shooting vests are embroidered on the chest pocket with a name you choose and enter in
the form below. Any other specialty embroidery (such as for a shooting team vest), placed on other parts of the garment, can
also be done at extra cost. In this case, you can call us at 1(800) 745-6066 to describe what you want, or you can fax us a graphic
if you have that available. Our fax is (740) 862-3149. Please enter the name you want on the standard embroidered chest pocket.
Also indicate in the checkbox that you want custom embroidery, and let us know (by phone or fax) what you want us to do for the
special embroidery.

Ordering Wool Vests

Today's shooter can order an attractive, high grade wool material for his or her vest, as a nostalgic touch representative of the skeet
shooter's apparel of yesteryear. Shooters both then and now realized that wool is warmer in cool weather and cooler in hot weather,
than many other kinds of fabric.

Note that wool carries with it an additional cost, depending on the grade of wool desired. If you choose wool, we will discuss directly
with you by phone or in person the many grades available and help you choose one that meets your needs of appearance and function.

Order Form

Select Left- Or Right-hand vest:

Select Shoulder Pad Style:

Select a standard size for Men or Women:

Select a color:

Select Suede Trim & Color, Or Black Leather Trim:

Select Straight Trim Style, or Western (Scalloped):

Select Wool, Gabardine, or Poplin:

*Additonal cost due to grade of wool used, as noted above


Please Enter The Best Time We May Contact You:
Your Time Zone:

Best Day of the week to contact you:

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